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Criteria for Awards

Criteria for Each Award:

Perfect Attendance for the Semester- A scholar was at school all day every day for every marking period without leaving early and was not tardy to school more than three times in a marking period.

Perfect Attendance for the year- Scholars met the criteria for perfect attendance every marking period.  

Scholar must not have any leave early, absences of any sort (A, E or X) whether excused or not.

No more than 3 tardies per MP or no more than 6 total per semester. (15 min or less)

Certificate of Completion- Scholars at least met the minimum standard to move to Kindergarten or 1st grade.

“A” Honor Roll for the Marking Period- Scholars earned 90% or higher in all classes.

“A” Honor Roll for the year- Scholars earned 90% or higher in each class, every marking period.

“A/B” Honor Roll for the Marking Period- Scholars earned at least a 90% in one class and at least 80% in all other classes for the marking period.

Most Outstanding- is based on the highest overall average for the year in each class

Most Improved- is based on the greatest increase in performance over the year, calculated by the difference of the lowest and highest marking period average